Welcome to all the teachers and all the people interested in teaching with new technologies. That website aims to be more than a blog. Its mission is to create a database of all the most useful technologies and software to teach and learn.

I am Daniele Agostini and I’m enrolled in a PhD research in educational technologies for heritage interpretation at the University of Padua and at the Paris-Sorbonne University. During my research, I discovered fantastic tools made by teachers, companies and enthusiasts and I thought that it was a shame for that gems to remain hidden. That’s the motive of this blog-database, I’d like to give to teachers and education practitioners a way to find very effective technologies and software for every educational situation and every subject.

If there is someone out there that has the same passion and wants to join and contribute with posts and tools, please, let me know. I hope to have a lot of guest contributors and to update on regular basis the database.


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