Neatline for maps, timelines and story-telling

Neatline is a tool that could be very useful in helping to understand complex events. I’ve tried it both with primary and secondary school children with great results. In primary schools, we had a series of workshop for many years regarding water, air quality and soil consumption. As for secondary schools, we had a great workshop related to the hundredth anniversary of the First World War in Italy. In both cases, the workshop consisted of let students to create an interactive map and timeline for an interactive storytelling. You can find some example here (WW1), here (Terra Lab) and here (Aria Lab).
If you want to have an idea of an educational project made with Neatline, you could have a look to Geolocating WW1 Prezi.

Geolocalize the Great War project
Geolocalizing the Great War project. Neatline has been used to map the Austro-Italian front.

Quick references:

Name: Scholars’ Lab Neatline
Company: Scholars’ Lab of Virginia University’s Library
Licence: Open Source – CC BY 3.0
Type of Software: Web App – Plugin for Omeka CMS
What the software does: interactive maps, timelines and story-telling
Documentation: very complete at
Description by the company:

Neatline is a mix-and-match toolset for the creation of interlinked timelines and maps as interpretive expressions of the literary or historical content of archival collections. It allows scholars and archivists to build on standard descriptive metadata and georectified maps to produce rich, evocative – even theoretical – spatial and temporal visualizations of the textual content of catalogued letters, manuscripts, and artifacts. Source:

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