FreshAiR GPS based games and story-telling

FreshAiR is an amazing tool.  My colleague Paola and I used it to develop GPS based AR experience for children, to let them explore a 19th century “romantic” garden in Italy. It boasts pretty unique features like AR graphical visualisation of POIs, the compass, overlay visualisation of pictures with a transparency slider, complex events logic and items inventory. One has not to forget that it supports both Android and iOS, which is very important in a BYOD view. It has been used widely from one of its creators Dr Matt Dunleavy, you would find very interesting articles here.

FreshAiR Gardens App
FreshAiR App for a Garden Visit

Quick references:

Name: FreshAiR
Company: MoGo Mobile, Inc.
Licence: Freemium (Free, Small, Medium, Large)
Type of Software: Web Editor – Mobile App
What the software does: GPS based Augmented Reality games and storytelling
Platform: Web (Editor), Android, iOS
Documentation: online help in the editor
Description by the company:

FreshAiR™ is a location-based storytelling and gaming app that reveals hidden stories about the areas around you as you drive, walk or play! Whether it is a tour of a beautiful university campus, historical landmarks coming to life, a fast-paced new game, or an educational lesson, FreshAiR is your augmented reality portal to hidden worlds.

Want to create your own Reality? The FreshAiR Editor is a powerful web application and authoring tool that allows anyone to easily and quickly create their own custom Realities without writing a single line of code. Build a game, university tour, city guide, or anything you can imagine, and share it with the world within minutes.

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