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When I found OJOO the first time I have been very excited. It is basically what the World Wide Web offers of most similar to my wishes of a mobile augmented reality tool usable by everyone, and every teacher. It is not capable of the same raffinate game logic of FreshAir but it boasts wonderful gamification options, beautiful AR mini-games, challenges, 360×180 degrees equirectangular images (aka Photospheres) support, map personalisation, Bluetooth beacon support, interface themes and, very important, it supports both Android and iOS. OJOO is modular, so you can just add pages, enable in the page the modules you wish to use and your AR app shapes up under your eyes. I wished to use it in the garden where I’m working for my research now, Hestercombe Gardens, in Somerset (UK), for educational visits. Sadly, it lacks a couple of features which in this context are show-stoppers… but I really look forward to using it on the field.

I tried OJOO while building a visit to Roman remains in Verona.
Streetview-like mode
Personalised Map












Quick references:

Name: OJOO Mobile Games
Company: Games with Attitude
Website: http://www.ojoo.com/
Licence: Freemium (Individual, Education, Non-Profit, Cities, Companies, Custom)
Type of Software: Web Editor – Mobile App
What the software does: GPS and Image based Augmented Reality games and storytelling
Platform: Web (Editor), Android, iOS
Documentation: a complete online documentation and courses (http://www.ojoo.com/academy-course/), online help in the editor, online tutors
Description by the company:

Our mission at OJOO is to turn the world into one big playground. We want to give you an easy, intuitive and affordable tool to create, play, share and sell cool mobile games. With OJOO the possibilities for entertainment, marketing, tourism and education are literally endless.

OJOO consists of an App to play games and a Studio to create them. And the coolest thing is, you can create games in our Studio without coding! If you know how to type text and upload a picture, you’re all set. It is really that easy!

Source: http://www.ojoo.com/about/

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